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March-April 2009
- Contemporary Controls launches a redesigned website that showcases our success across multiple industries.
- Take the complexity out of installing your BACnet® devices with the proper tool.
- Learn how to apply BACnet routers in the field.

Control Network Archive

January-February 2009 Feature Story: Raising BACnet® to the Next Level
Raising BACnet to the Next Level means that almost every Building Automation System (BAS) will eventually be communicating over an Internet Protocol (IP) infrastructure and that Contemporary Controls has the products to assist in making this all happen.
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November-December 2008 Feature Story: Switch Your Way to the New EISK16 Ethernet Switch
With 16 ports, Contemporary Controls' new PnP EISK16-100T switch is the easy solution for increasing your network's functionality.
(PDF Icon 1M pdf)

September-October 2008 Feature Story: "Island of Information" Concept
The feature article discusses how the BAS Remote acts as a status manager to provide a wealth of information to Building Automation Systems.
(PDF Icon 1.2M pdf)

July-August 2008 Feature Story: BAS Remote I/O is "Multilingual"
In addition to the BACnet®/IP protocol, the BAS Remote I/O is fluent in Modbus/TCP.
(PDF Icon 352K pdf)

May-June 2008 Feature Story: BACnet® Portable Router Simplifies Field Service and System Checkout
Feature article explains Contemporary Controls' BAS Portable Router, the newest edition to the company's line of building automation BACnet routers.
(PDF Icon 475K pdf)

March-April 2008 Feature Story: Ethernet Infrastructure + BAS Router + Your Ideal Solution
Use the BAS Router to make the BACnet®/IP to BACnet MS/TP connection possible in your next project.
(PDF Icon 431K pdf)

January-February 2008 Feature Story: Finding the Easiest Path
Feature article discusses how the BAS Remote I/O uses the existing Ethernet infrastructure to increase I/O points.
(PDF Icon 560K pdf)

November-December 2007 Feature Story: Contemporary Controls Participates in BACnet® Interoperability Workshop
It allowed the company the opportunity to test their BACnet products against a suite of interoperability tests with a number of other products from other vendors.
(PDF Icon 572K pdf)

September-October 2007 Feature Story: Contemporary Controls Completes Its Second Phase of Lean Manufacturing
Second phase entails additional training for employees and the modernization of equipment.
(PDF Icon 670K pdf)

July-August 2007 Feature Story: BAS Remote Welcomed at Cochrane Supply's Tridium Mini Summit
Tridium made it quite apparent that they view the BAS Remote as an ancillary device for their Jace controller.
(PDF Icon 893K pdf)

May-June 2007 Feature Story: BAS Remote Talks to VYKON Tridium Jace-2
Feature article explains how BAS Remote I/O points being discovered, read and written by the Jace-2.
(PDF Icon 1.9M pdf)

March-April 2007 Feature Story: Contemporary Controls Continues to Grow its Commitment to the BAS Community
The BAS Remote provides cost-effective I/O via the BACnet®/IP networking protocol.
(PDF Icon 1.8M pdf)

January-February 2007 Feature Story: Virtual Industrial Ethernet University Continues to be a Valuable Learning Tool
Learning is of continuing concern in Ethernet technology.
(PDF Icon 889K pdf)

November-December 2006 Feature Story: Prescription for a Healthier Network...Add Fiber
Feature article spotlights the EISK Series of fiber switches.
(PDF Icon 400K pdf)

September-October 2006 Feature Story: Contemporary Controls True Ethernet Media Converter
The company's media converters have been upgraded to take advantage of new components to achieve better cost factors.
(PDF Icon 585K pdf)

July-August 2006 Feature Story: Contemporary Controls Releases the USB22 Series of ARCNET® Adapters
The USB22 incorporates a deep memory buffer to hold messages until the OS can service the device via its high-speed USB 2.0 connection. Using this approach, missed messages are rare.
(PDF Icon 468K pdf)

May-June 2006 Feature Story: Contemporary Controls Completes its Lead-Free Conversion Process
The company has successfully completed a program to produce RoHS-compliant products.
(PDF Icon 628K pdf)

March-April 2006 Feature Story: Contemporary Controls Announces the USB22 Series
Feature article discusses the launch of a new adapter that combines all the advantages of ARCNET® technology.
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January-February 2006 Feature Story: Contemporary Controls' Commitment to RoHS-Compliant Manufacturing
Company's manufacturing facility in China converts to a lead-free operation.
(PDF Icon 562K pdf)

November-December 2005 Feature Story: Industrial Ethernet Switch Sets New Standard Eliminating Office-Grade Switches
The EISK8-100T switch is only $149 with a five-year warranty.
(PDF Icon 1.2M pdf)

September-October 2005 Feature Story: Five Issues When Selecting Ethernet Switches
Feature article explains why industrial-grade switches are a better alternative to office-grade equipment.
(PDF Icon 872K pdf)

July-August 2005 Feature Story: Why Tighten Our Environmental Standards?
Contemporary Controls takes a positive approach with regards to European Union guidelines on hazardous materials used in electronic products.
(PDF Icon 649K pdf)

May-June 2005 Feature Story: AI-SRVR Provides Connectivity Between ARCNET&$174; and Ethernet Networks
Contemporary Controls has designed a connectivity device that solves the problem of allowing data to pass between ARCNET and Ethernet networks.
(PDF Icon 551K pdf)

March-April 2005 Feature Story: ARCNET® AI-USB Hub Provides Easy Access to ARCNET Networks from USB Port
AI-USB hub gives the user easy access to the network via a PC without removing the cover.
(PDF Icon 560K pdf)