BAS Router

Understanding Modbus Mapping

Modbus mapping allows the BAS Remote to communicate to Modbus serial slave devices and associate the Modbus variables within those devices to BACnet instances within the BAS Remote. This mapping is accomplished by using the M2B Project Builder software (an Excel file) to compile the desired Modbus Maps (Excel files) into a single csv (comma separated file) that is loaded into the BAS Remote. The BAS Remote utilizes the csv file to poll for the desired variables and create the BACnet instances.

Getting Started

To begin, create a directory in your computer that you will load the M2B files into. Download the M2B Project Builder softwareinto that directory.

Create a sub directory within the directory you created above for the Modbus Maps that you need. Using the table below, download the Modbus Maps into that sub directory.

Company Product Description Part Number Reference Document Modbus Map
AirCare Automation AirCare
    Excel Logo
Belimo Gateway MP to
Modbus RTU
UK24MOD PDF Excel Logo
Circutor Power Analyzer CVM-NRG96 PDF Excel Logo
HARC-Modbus   PDF Excel Logo
Honeywell Integrated
S7810M PDF Excel Logo
Northern Design Power Meter Cube 350 PDF Excel Logo
Power Distribution Inc. (PDI) (BCMS)
Branch Circuit
  PDF Excel Logo
Renu Electronics I/O Modules FIOD 1600 
(16 DC in)
PDF Excel Logo
Renu Electronics I/O Modules FIOD 0008
(8 isolated relay outs)
PDF Excel Logo
Renu Electronics I/O Modules FIOD 0808
(8 DC in, 8 relay out)
PDF Excel Logo
Schneider Electric Power Meter Power Logic 800 PDF Under development
Veris Power Meter H8035 PDF Excel Logo
Veris Power Meter H8036 PDF Excel Logo
Wattnode Power Meter WNC-3Y-208-MB
Excel Logo Excel Logo


After you have all your files loaded you are now ready to open the project builder software and load Modbus Profiles into it.

Don’t see the file you need? Please call Joe Stasiek at 630-963-7070 to discuss having a profile built for your Modbus device.

Modbus 2 BACnet Device Profiles

Video of Modbus Mapping Software

This video provides step-by-step instructions for using the Modbus 2 BACnet Device Profiles. Common Modbus device profiles can be downloaded from the Contemporary Controls web site into Microsoft's Excel. The necessary points are selecting using a simple process in Excel. Once the selection is done, the resultant mapping file is uploaded into the BASremote. Watch the tutorial.

Additional Resouces

If you are using Excel 2003 and need the command bars, download the Ulitity file to restore the command bars.